Mere Phantoms

Three-piece grime from Northwest Pennsylvania. Dedicated to ideas of change, practical revolution, support, sustainability, equality, the deconstruction of our consumerist culture, loud amps and the blast beat.



The EP is slowly nearing completion. The lyrics tab on our page has been updated. The track listing for our to-be-named forthcoming EP is as follows:

1. Capricorn
2. Mere Phantoms
3. (interlude)
4. Famish Liturgy
5. Fruition of Imperial Lust pt. 1
6. Millennial Patriarch

It clocks in at approximately 16 minutes of filth.

Nyodene D + Mere Phantom Collab Sets + EP


In addition to contributing electronics and some vocals on their upcoming EP, Nyodene D will be performing two collaborative sets with Pittsburgh blackened screamo / hardcore band Mere Phantoms in May.

These shows will be May 10th with Plagues and Breaking The Will at the 1st Annual…

Follow Nyodene D and catch him on tour with Full of Hell and Column of Heaven. Then catch one of our collaboration sets with him. May 10th in Cleveland, OH and May 17th in Pittsburgh, PA. Guaranteed to be total garbage for your ear holes.

We had a blast recording this past weekend with Dave at the Braddock Hit Factory! Just a few more vocal tracks to finish and then it will be almost done. While recording, we realized that these songs are a lot heavier and more metal than we thought. So, there’s that. We are really excited to have this finished and released. We feel that these five songs are a much more accurate representation of us as a band and hope it will be a better reflection of our live performance than our last EP. 

We will be back to playing shows in May. We are hoping to have our EP (the working title so far has been “A Famine for a Slow Death” but it’s not in stone yet) on cassettes ASAP. So it is possible we may have them at these shows.

May 10 - First Annual Cleveland Anarchist Book Fair in Cleveland, OH (venue and other acts TBA)

May 16 - w/ Noisem, Jarhead Fertilizer, Hollow Earth, White Widows Pact at Basement Transmissions in Erie, PA

May 17 - w/ Hollow Earth and White Widows Pact at The Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh, PA

May 20 - w/ Cult Leader, Yautja, Pray For Teeth, Hindsight at The Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh, PA

It has been over a year and a half since we released our first EP. After so many delays and unexpected setbacks, we will finally be entering the studio to record our next one. We will be working with Dave at the Braddock Hit Factory to commit approximately 16 minutes of riffs, blast beats, noise, feedback, shrieks, screams, and other assorted sounds to tape. We are more excited than ever and can’t wait to finally have these songs (some of which we have played since our first show) available for all to listen to at their own leisure/displeasure/misery. We plan to play the EP in its entirety at two of our shows in May. The 16th in Erie with Noisem and Jarhead Fertilizer and the 17th in Pittsburgh with Hollow Earth and White Widows Pact. We hope to be accompanied by our good friend Aaron Vilk of Nyodene D at both of these shows. We will also be performing a very special collaboration set with Mr. Vilk at the First Annual Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair on May 10th. Stay tuned for more updates.

This show was recently announced. Gonna be sick.

This show was recently announced. Gonna be sick.

Updated the lyrics tab. There will be some more changes there in the coming months. Keeping busy. Working on new stuff. Preparing to record our new EP. We have three shows booked in May, but none for March or April as of yet. For booking, email 

Things have been a little slow for us the past 6 months but we already have some big plans in motion for this spring. We have a few shows booked in Pittsburgh and Erie that we are waiting to announce until they are confirmed/made public. We are almost done fine-tuning our songs for our next EP. We should be recording sometime before the snow disappears for good. Probably 5 songs. They are a collection of songs spanning over a year of writing. One will probably be a new version of a song from the demo. The other four were written after the demo and have been re-written several times since then. We hope to release the EP on cassette in May. The EP will include the second issue of the Mere Phantoms zine. Hopefully we can make that all come together in a nice little package. Once everything is a little more concrete we will post another update. See you at the show at Garfield Artworks this Wednesday!

This show is now at Garfield Artworks instead of 222 Ormsby. Closer to Spak. Get your seitan hoagie and come bang your head.

This show is now at Garfield Artworks instead of 222 Ormsby. Closer to Spak. Get your seitan hoagie and come bang your head.

February 19th. Party hard.

February 19th. Party hard.